Temeljni premazi in pospeševalci oprijema za mikrocementiranje Primacem

Primacem is our line of primers and adhesion promoters for microcement and other materials such as tile, concrete or tiles, among others. These products are essential as they are the first step in the process of applying microcement. Their function is to facilitate the bond between the existing substrate and the new coating.

Our range of primers offers different possibilities and solutions depending on the surface to be coated. That is why we have primers for absorbent surfaces, non-absorbent surfaces, with tacking effect, with aggregate and even anti-humidity epoxy primers.

To ensure optimum consolidation, it is important to follow the steps and recommendations for use of each of the adhesion promoters for microcement and other substrates that we manufacture.

Below we describe the five types of primers and adhesion promoters that make up the Primacem range.

Microcement primer with tacking effect


Primacem Fix is a ready-to-use primer for microcement with a tacking effect that favours the adhesion of the existing and the new microcement substrate. It is also especially recommended as a bonding bridge between concrete and mortar.

This water-based primer with great adhesion power on different substrates is highly resistant to alkalis. Primacem Fix adhesion promoter is applied by brush or microfibre roller. One coat is more than enough.

Tehnične podrobnosti


Poraba osnovnega premaza Primacem Plus microcement na neabsorbirajočih površinah znaša 0,09 L / m2 pri 1 nanosu.


Pospeševalec adhezije Primacem Plus je na voljo v 5-litrskih plastičnih posodah.

Microcement primer for non-absorbent surfaces


Primacem Plus is our primer for microcement on non-absorbent surfaces. This water-based, acrylic aqueous polymeric dispersion is applied by roller or brush in a single coat.

In addition to being perfect for non-absorbent microcement surfaces, this ready-to-use adhesion promoter is highly recommended for materials such as tiles. Product free of plasticisers, solvents, ammonia and emulsifiers.

Tehnične podrobnosti


The consumption of Primacem Fix microcement primer for tacking effect is 0.10 L/m2 with 1 coat.


Pospeševalec adhezije Primacem Fix je na voljo v 5 in 25-litrskih plastičnih posodah.

Microcement primer for absorbent surfaces


Primacem ABS is the primer indicated for microcement on absorbent surfaces. This acrylic dispersion in aqueous medium is perfect for use on other materials such as plaster or plasterboard.

This adhesion promoter, especially recommended for microcement, is ready to use and can be applied by brush or microfibre roller in just one coat.

Tehnične podrobnosti


Poraba osnovnega premaza Primacem ABS microcement na vpojnih površinah je 0,10 L / m2 samo v enem sloju.


Pospeševalec adhezije Primacem ABS je na voljo v 5-litrskih plastenkah.

Microcement primer with aggregate


Primacem Grip is our microcement primer with aggregate that can be applied on both interior and exterior surfaces. It provides excellent adhesion on smooth or low absorption substrates, so it is highly recommended for application on plaster, tiles, concrete, ceramic or hydraulic tiles in addition to microcement.

This ready-to-use adhesion promoter facilitates anchoring and allows the creation of rough textures. It is applied by brush or roller in a unique coat.

Tehnične podrobnosti


Poraba osnovnega osnovnega premaza z agregatom Primacem Grip je 0,25 L / m² v enem sloju.


Promotor oprijema Primacem Grip je na voljo v 5L posodah.

Epoxy damp-proofing primer


Primacem Impoxy (A+B) is a damp-proof epoxy primer designed to block rising damp and acts as a vapour barrier. This two-component, 100% solids epoxy system stands out for its excellent workability, low viscosity and high adhesion to any type of substrate.

Primacem Impoxy epoxy adhesion promoter is compatible with microcement, tiles, ceramics and even wet concrete, among many other materials.

Tehnične podrobnosti


Glede na vsebnost vlage, površino in vrsto nanosa lahko epoksidni premaz Primacem Impoxy, odporen proti vlagi, deluje kot parna zapora ali naraščajoča vlažna pregrada.


Primacem Impoxy epoksi promotor adhezije je pakiran v kovinske posode:
Impoxy A (osnova) 3,1 kg in Impoxy B (reaktor) 1,9 kg.
Impoxy A (osnova) 12,4 kg in Impoxy B (reaktor) 7,6 kg

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