Resin for microcement


Acricem is a resin that provides adhesion, hardness and flexibility to microcement coatings. This water-based acrylic resin is particularly suitable for use with our two-component microcement systems: Sttandard, Unlimitted and Atlanttic.

This resin for microcement is solvent-free and considerably improves the mechanical resistance as well as the impermeability of the mortar. In addition, it reduces the possible occurrence of shrinkage cracks.

It can also be used as a primer, since Acricem is a resin that consolidates absorbent cementitious surfaces.

Tehnične podrobnosti


(1 coat) 0,1 L/m2

Vrste Acricem

Acricem 5 L

Acricem 25 L


Vse vrste Acricem so na voljo v 5 in 25 L plastičnih posodah.

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